Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Back Home...

So unfortunately I won't be having any "West Indies Adventures" for a little while... I have been forced to come back home for knee surgery and so now I'm going to be on the "Journey back to the West Indies". So we probably won't have very many posts on here for the next little bit. Thanks for all the prayers and support. It means a lot. Love ya all!

-Elder Smith

Thursday, October 24, 2013

One Week More! (Parody of Les Miserables "One Day More")‏

So this week was an interesting yet good week. First off guess who the ENTIRE Montoute Family (That's like 8 people so it must be true) said I looked like? Brad Freakin Pitt. So obviously I was very excited about that. Because I currently have a buzzed head and they said that is what has brought the Brad Pitt'ness out. However there is a backstory to all of this. So you know in Love's Labours Lost when it gets all serious at the end because the Princess' Father died. Well I would always tell everyone that that's when I go from bringing out the James Roday'ness to bringing the Brad Pitt'ness. And they all laughed and told me that I could never be like Brad Pitt. (Despite my obvious resemblence to him when it comes to looks.) So to all of those doubters I would like to quote from a Phil Collins song. "Take a look at me now." (Pretty sure that's Phil Collins) Ha so that's about it. It made my week though. :)
So my knee isn't doing the best but I have kept going. I have received a lot of strength and just hope to Keep on Trucking! (That's a great image for someone my size. I like it.) But one of our investigators, Tony, has been super concerned about it. He wants to keep me taken care of. He is an awesome guy. 
The most spiritual experience came from a blessing I received from Elder Hatch. As i have already expressed I have so much respect for him. He is my Hero! He came over on Tuesday night and gave me a blessing. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had. It was a real blessing of comfort. I know that the Spirit guided that blessing. I don't remember much that he said but I will never forget the way I felt. The Spirit was so strong and brought so much comfort during a hard time. I am so grateful for the Priesthood and all the blessings I have recieved over the years. It really is so powerful. 
Once again I know that our Heavenly Father is mindful of us. And as the Lord told Samuel, He looks upon the heart. So we must all have the desire to go about doing good! I miss you all so much but I am glad that I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve here. Keep it real! Love ya!

-Elder Smith

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


So this week in Trinidad we had an earthquake! It was big enough to notice and be cool but not bring any damage. So that was sweet! Also this week has just been an eventful one. 
I have had my left knee giving me some trouble lately so I had to go and talk to our mission doctor, also  named Elder Smith. (That's why it's important to put Elder Randon Smith on my letters. There are like 8 Elder Smith's here. Ha but anyway...) He told me that he doesn't think there are any tears or anything serious but there is major inflammation so my LCL and MCL are super sore and tender. However being in a walking area it makes it rather tough to just let the inflammation go down. Plus there are hills all over our area. Like monstrous ones! So he basically gave me the Mike Burgraff treatment. "Ice and Ibuprofen!" Ha so that's the plan. I just keep pushing through and hopefully it will start to get better! He also said to keep losing weight. I don't really see that as a problem! :)
Next thing is we started teaching this homeless guy last week. He seemed really interested and yesterday he even came to church! However he left before it started to "go get some water..." He never came back. So we thought... Last night when we were walking home we say that there was a light on in the Chapel. So we were like "Ok, that's kinda weird..." So we went to turn it off and we see this homeless man just passed out on one of the benches! So obviously I was like "Jeepers Creepers! What do we do?!" Also this is a big guy. Like 6'7", 250 lbs. So we basically weigh the same. (Ha due to my West Indies weight loss program) But anyway we called the Bishop and let him take care of him. I am so glad he didn't wake up because with how out of it he was I am pretty sure he was on something. Ha he loved the church so much he didn't want to leave. Ha but yeah it was super crazy!
So to be one hundred percent honest this was kind of a tough week for me. It was just tough with all of the knee issues and some homesickness and things. Also there are just times when you wonder why am I here? Am I just wasting my time? Or am I doing well enough? Just things like that. Then last night I got a call from our zone leader, Elder Hatch. And you have to understand that Elder Hatch is like my hero. I look up to him so much! He basically told me that he was impressed and that I was doing a great job. He asked me how I like my mission and I told him it's super hard yet rewarding. Also that I miss back home a little bit and just some of the thoughts I mentioned earlier. He then told me that he remembers going through that stage and just told me once again that he was super impressed with me and as I continue to work those things will become easier. I really needed that. Then finding out today in my email that Mom was fasting for me to know that Heavenly Father was pleased with my work. Jeepers creepers, I know that Elder Hatch's call was an answer to that fasting and praying. Thank you Mom! It helped me so much.
I know that our Heavenly Father is mindful of us and wants us to pray to him. I am so grateful for all of the comfort that has come from my prayers and others that have been said for me. He answers our prayers. I know it! Thanks once again for all of the support. I couldn't do this without it! Love you all!

-Elder Smith

*MAYBE WE COULD ALL PRAY A LITTLE EXTRA FOR ELDER SMITH THIS WEEK, IT SOUNDS LIKE HE NEEDS IT!  I wish I could hug him, my arms just aren't long enough....

Monday, October 7, 2013

Living to see another transfer

So we got our transfer calls on Saturday just before conference and I found out that me and Elder Jamison are going to be staying for another transfer in the port of spain! I am so happy about that!
Conference this week was great! We watched it at the church and it was so good! I loved how the theme was hastening the work! Especially on Saturday! It was kinda hard at the same time too though. Looking back some of my greatest memories is being able to watch conference with the fam. I really missed that! Especially the Priesthood session with Dad and everybody. Not going to lie, that was tough. I loved conference though! I didn't really have a favorite talk but I loved many of them. Elder Holland's was obviously one of my favorites once again. It was a different topic than I was expecting but I loved how he talked about how one day we would all be made perfect. How great will that day be? I also love Elder Ballard's talk on Saturday. Then Uncle Boyd came through once again with a great talk. Also we had an investigator named Norma come to all four sessions! It was so awesome! She is going to be baptized just now!
So this week my favorite experience came from working with a young girl named Jamalia. She is almost 9. We had been teaching her dad Tony for sometime now and he will be baptized once his divorce goes through. He is such an amazing humble man. But Jamalia has shown the desire to get baptized and should be on saturday. She is the most innocent, adorable, little girl and loves church! So on Friday we were teaching her about prayer and invited her to say a prayer on her own. She had never done this before. So we told her just to talk to her Heavenly Father. And she did! It was so simple yet so powerful. You could tell that she was having a conversation with her Heavenly Father. Tony was just beaming afterwards! That was probably one of my favorite experiences so far.
I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers. He listens and cares about us individually. Thank you so much for all of the prayers that have been said for me. I truly notice their effects all the time. I could not do this if it wasn't for prayer and the blessings that come from it. 
I love you all and keep it real back home!
-Elder Smith
 Susan's Baptism

 I'm in the same district with Elder Beck here still! I love this kid!

 I was on a tradeoff with Elder Brown and this is him with our food! 

Not nearly as good as Brigham's... But you can't win them all!