Monday, December 22, 2014

Tis The Season!

Wow I can't believe that it is Christmas already! I am so excited! We are going over to the Senior couples for Christmas dinner today so that is going to be great! 
We had a great week and we met some really cool people! We met this one guy named Lee who has just been through an awful lot! He is originally from England but he lived in San Diego for 26 years and things just kinda took a turn for the worst and now he is kinda stuck here... So we met him and he is super receptive! He came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it! So we'll see where that goes! 
We are working with great people right now and we had 8 investigators at church so the work here is really moving forward! I am so excited about it! We are expecting plenty baptisms coming up so that is going to be fantastic! Time is flying here!
I don't have much else to talk about but we had an amazing week filled with miracles. We met so many amazing people that were put in our path and it's been neat!
This week we have been thinking and teaching about the real meaning of Christmas a lot! It has been really great! Unfortunately we have met some Grinches and a couple people with the last name of "Scrooge" ha but all in all it has been really great to be able to teach about this! It got me thinking about how a lot of the time we exclude the Savior from our lives and most of the time it's not intentional! Now that's sad! So my invitation this week is to focus on Him! Find times in your life that aren't that effective anyway, or it's just down time and fill it with the Savior! I promise that you will see more peace in your life and you will see his hand more often! I know that! I love each one of you and we can all do better and all need to do better with that! I love you and have a Merry Christmas!
With Love,
Elder Smith

"Each of us is an innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus!"
Neal A Maxwell
Here are some Pics from my last day in the bados and some from this week! 

Monday, December 15, 2014


This week was wonderful! I love Grenada! We had the Christmas party and it was sick! Also we had a Baptism and this morning we went and played American football with some med students! I am terrible now! Ha it was kinda depressing! But it was great to get out and play some ball!
So Christian got baptized and it was so special! His mom was so happy and his Dad came and we was so supportive. Christian is so kind and innocent and he said that he felt good after the baptism. I am so proud of him! Unfortunately Jaheisha's dad withdrew permission at the last second... So we are going to try and work on that! 
This week was so fantastic though! The Christmas party was great and the branch here is so unified and I love it! It really is so incredible! I want our ward back home to become like that!
We had a really neat experience with an investigator named Abieshur. She had kinda dropped off and wasn't progressing and was really hard to meet with. But as we were walking back to our apartment for lunch one day we ran into her and were able to talk with her. We taught her about prayer and the love that Heavenly Father has for us. It was really neat! The spirit was really strong there! She came to the Christmas party and church and she loved it! She has been through so much and I am so happy that she is feeling like she belongs somewhere now! She really needed that! She wants to be baptized at the beginning of January so that will be so neat!
I don't have much more to say but I just want everyone to know that I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. I know that without a doubt. I know that He loves us and wants to bless us! We just need to let Him. So at this time of year Let Him In! He can heal any wound! I testify of that! I love you all! Have a Merry Christmas!
Elder Smith

“Whatever Jesus lays his hands upon lives. If Jesus lays his hands upon a marriage, it lives. If he is allowed to lay his hands on the family, it lives.”
-Howard W Hunter

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Zone Conference

Wow this week was great! So I realized that last week I didn't even let you know about transfer calls I am staying with Elder Leany until he finishes his mission this transfer. I am really excited about that because we have a lot more to accomplish! The work here in Grenada is fantastic! I love it here!
So last week was Zone Conference in the Bados! It was so great to go back there! I loved Barbados so it was really cool to see the missionaries there and to see how the people are doing there! I found out that Everet is getting the Aaronic Priesthood and has been solid ever since I left! That is the best news ever! I am so happy for him! He is sweet!
I also got to sing at Zone Conference with Elder Harding. He is a ZL over in Barbados and a good friend of mine! We started the mish together so that was really cool! We sang Away in a Manger and it was really cool. We just sang Acapella and it was simple but it was neat to be able to sing a Christmas song at Zone Conference!
That was the big news from this week! Christian's baptism got moved because his sister had a baby so it should be this week! Ha so that will be good!
We also will be having a baptism for Jaheisha on Saturday! She is a super smart ten year old girl who is the Daughter of Kecia who is a recent convert! We're loving these part member families! Ha but we are super excited for her! She reads the Book of Mormon a ton and so she will be great!
At Zone Conference I learned a lot! President Mehr taught about covenants and how in a way we build our own mansion in heaven. He was a big time contractor back home and so he compared it to that. He told a story (fictional) about him building a house for someone and how he found tile that was a little bit cheaper than what the person wanted but it looked really similar so he decided he would get that to save a little money. So he put it in and then he took the couple through and the husband saw it and was like, "Marge, look! This isn't what we ordered!" So because he cut the corner he had to tear it up and had to go back and fix it. So he did that and even got something nicer then what they originally wanted. He also threw in some extra things free of charge to make it nicer! So then when he was done he took the couple threw again and they just loved all of the extras and were thrilled! So he handed them the keys and everything was great! Then he walked off and he heard the husband yell, "Dan!" (That's President's name) So he turned around and then the husband tossed him the keys and said, "You just built your own house. Enjoy it!"
President then said that this is what we are doing In this life. And at the end of this life we'll get whatever we put into "Our Mansion". So why would we cut corners? By keeping our covenants we are adding in all of those extra things to make our mansion nicer! Think of what each of you can do to improve your mansion! And if there is something that needs to be taken out because you cut corners, get it out of there and start new! I love each of you! Build up your mansion!
Elder Smith

"Following Christ is not a casual or occasional practice but a continuous commitment and way of life that applies at all times and in all places"
Dallin H Oaks

Monday, December 1, 2014

What's Up?

So this week was a good one! My birthday party fell through but it was still a great day! We had a great thanksgiving with some members and it was sweet! Reminded me of home! I love thanksgiving time! 
So this week was interesting! We had Christian's baptism get postponed because his mom Cecelia (recent convert) Had lots of errands to run! Ha when she told me that I was like, "If?" Ha I asked her if she was serious! She was just like, "Yeah I have to go to the supermarket and pay bills and stuff. But I prayed about it and God understands!" Ha that was killing me! I don't know what was going on! But we are having it this week! Jeepers Creepers.... 
Also Linkcy changed her mind so we are going to have to drop her for now since it is just not really going anywhere... 
We are working with some sweet people though! I love this area! We found some really great people and are going to see much success! I am so excited! We are just working to separate the wheat and the tares right now! I am so excited to be here though!
Yesterday we had a cool experience because there is a Grenadian missionary leaving for the Dominican Republic and it was his farewell! He is going to be so great! I am excited for him! 
I don't have much to say but I love you all and the work is great! The field is white here! Thanks for all of your support and B day wishes last week! I love you all and stay cool!
Elder Smith

 1. With Elder Bingham
 2. Gift from Linkcia
3. Thanksgiving at the Wing's!

4. Me and Ryan (The Elder) (My head hadn't come up yet but it's still a good one) 
5. My head is up!

6. Great grenadian view!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Birthday and a Baptism!

What a great week! Lindy's baptism was really neat and she invited some non member friends and fam that we are going to teach now! My favorite part was after the baptism her 9 year old daughter Kelsey came up to me and said, "Mommy did it first and I am next!" She said she wanted us to teach her so she could get baptized! Ha so we will be working on that!
Another miracle that happened is do you remember me telling you about Linkcy? She is the one with the twin sister that is a member and she was supposed to get baptized yesterday. Unfortunately she just didn't show much desire and so we had to move it back but the other day she was just like, "I want to do this so me and my sister can support each other!" So she is getting baptized on Dec. 6th! She became really excited all at once so that was cool!
We are going to be baptizing a recent converts son named Christian this week! He picked his own date and is really excited and has been working towards it! That is going to be really cool! He is a sweet nine year old!
All is well here! Things are going so great! We have been finding people and seeing miracles! Our Jimmer Lady, Jenny is going to be getting baptized on the 20th and is really excited! She will probably have some of her children join her so that will be cool! I am just thrilled with the progress!
My health is doing well and I am really grateful for the miracles I've seen and yes mom I finished my antibiotic!
I am really excited for this week! I am going to be having some parties for my birthday and some members will be feeding us on thanksgiving! I am pumped for this week! Things are just going great!
I am so grateful for this gospel and the blessings it brings. One of our recent converts here only has one leg and so he struggles to get food and doesn't have much in general. But everytime you ask him how he is doing he will say, "I'm blessed." He is always thankful for what he has and like President Uchtdorf says, he is grateful in any circumstance. I hope that we can be this way! Especially this week! I love you all and have a great thanksgiving!
With Love,
Elder Smith

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Hospital

So.....Elder Smith thought he had Chickengunya last week.....but nope it was infection in a cut that he got on his leg which turned into a bad all about it.  We are thankful he had to go to Trinidad for a leadership conference so that someone could see his leg and tell him it wasn't Chickengunya and get him to the hospital for some quick and powerful antibiotic treatments.  Otherwise he could have been walking around Grenada waiting for it to get better as it got worse.  The Lord blessed him this week, I know that!

Wow what a crazy week! Ha that basically sums it up! I finally get into trinidad and I have to spend a ton of time at the hospital because of some cellulitis thing! Ha it kills me! That basically sums up my entire mission right there! Ha it was still great though! This past week has just been full of amazing spiritual experiences. So to give you an idea my leg is just super swollen and super red! Like unbelievably red! So I had no idea what was going on! So we went to the mission office and I had Sister Francom look at it and she's like, "We need to have a Dr. look at this." Now knowing my history with doctors I was immediately worried! I kinda saw something coming! But anyway we go and the doctor looks at it and tells me I should probably stay there for a couple days so they can give me meds through an IV and ting. So I was immediately like, "You have got to be kidding me!" I was vexed! So Sister Francom made me agree and stuff and then I almost started crying. I was so upset that I finally make it to Trinidad and I am stuck. So luckily we had some Elders there to give me a blessing and they happened to be some of my favorites! I was able to have Elder Grange anoint me with oil and Elder Beck sealed the anointing. It was so powerful! Elder Beck in his blessing said I would be healed according to my faith and I would be able to do what I needed to do. I then know that I would be able to attend at least some of the meeting! So I was skyped in for the fireside on tuesday night and then I received a visit from President and Sister Mehr. That was the best! I love those two. We talked for a little and it was great! Then the next morning I got my IV treatment and I was able to leave for 8 hours until the next one! Elder Beck's blessing had been fulfilled! It was so cool to experience that! When I was finally able to leave the hospital and go to the meeting I felt like I was coming back from injury to save the game or something! Ha so that was pretty cool! I walked in and you should've seen President's face! That was my favorite part! Ha he just gives me this like, "Are you serious?" Then he says, "There has been a resurrection!" Ha so I chilled at the meeting and saw all my boys and it was great! I loved the meeting! My favorite was a story they shared about the district president in Guyana. He had a choice between electricity and having his family sealed. He chose to go to the temple and have his family sealed. Now if that doesn't show how important that is, I don't know what will! What a blessing that is that we can be with our family forever! We need to take advantage of that! That is the essence of the gospel! That's why we are here! It is essential for our exaltation.
I am doing great here! My leg is healing well and I love the work! Another really cool story from this week was we were contacting late at night and we called into a house and it happened to be a young woman member. She had just barely prayed that she would have someone to talk to and then we showed up! It was crazy! It was really cool to be apart of answering her prayer! I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers and always fulfills his blessings according to our faith! I know that. I love you all! Take care!
Elder Smith

 View from our apartment
 MTC Comps Elder Christensen and Elder Beck! Reunited and it feels so good!
 Me and Elder Glade
 Me and Elder Brown and Elder Glade
 Me and Elder Grange
My leg Wednesday morning

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Chicken Get-Together

The sickness Elder Smith had this past week is actually called Chikungunya, it is transmitted through their mosquitos.  Chikungunya disease is often mistaken for influenza or Dengue fever because of the flu-like symptoms—including headache, fever, swollen glands, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and neck stiffness. Most patients improve within 10 days of infection, although joint pain can linger for weeks or even months.  Sounds fun huh?  Read all about it below!

So this week was quite the week! We were battling sickness all week and then to finish it off, I got chicken gunya... (not sure how that's spelled...) But yeah I am doing better now and I am just dealing with the after effects of it now. So I'm really sore and I have a big rash but my fever is gone and so i'm doing better. Yesterday was really rough though... I actually ended up passing out before church! Ha I was just sitting on a wall outside the church and then people started telling me I didn't look so good and then I said I was alright and then things just started spinning and the next thing I knew I was on the ground surrounded by people. Luckily some of the medical students were there to take care of me! Ha but yeah I was crazy sick yesterday and slept like all through church! But I am doing much better now! So mom don't worry!
This week was good though besides that! We met some really cool people! We met this lady and she was wearing a Sacramento Kings shirt and she turned around and it said "Jimmer" She had a Jimmer Fredette Jersey! I was freaking out! We taught her the restoration and it really clicked with her! I am really excited to continue working with her! 
Another person we are working with is named Ben and he is just really humble and just wants to be baptized! We haven't been able to teach him much but he knows that he wants to be baptized! Ha he is sweet though! Our issue is that we don't know if we'll be able to teach him everything in time for his date on the 22nd. But we'll do our best!
I head to Trinidad tomorrow for the Mission Leadership Conference tomorrow and I am so excited! It is going to be great! I am just excited to go and learn from President and Sister Mehr for a couple days!
Well since I was sick most this week that's about all I have. Things are going great though! I love it here in Grenada! The field is white! Something that President Mehr said really hit me. He said, "The Lord is Hastening His work and we have to keep up with Him." So make sure that you're doing everything you can so that the Lord doesn't have to drag you along! Read your scriptures and do all the little things! 
Elder Smith

Monday, November 3, 2014

Year-mark? Yesi!‏

This week was a really good one! Elder Leany and I have just really been focusing on teaching baptism and helping people recognize the blessings that come from it. We saw an awful lot of miracles come from it and I am really excited for this transfer!
One girl that we are teaching is named Lindy. She is super prepared and knows that everything we share is true. She is currently trying to overcome a trial but she is going to be baptized on the 22nd of November. So we are really pumped about that! 
Another one is a twin sister of a member. Her name is Linkcy! She is the investigator and Linkcia is the name of her sister. Ha I love West Indian names! They're great! But she also should be getting baptized on the 22nd. She knows everything is true but she is just worried about leaving her other church that she has been going to for about two years. She knows what she needs to do. Now we are just trying to help her do it! Linkcia has been a great help though! Her testimony is powerful and she has seen a lot of great blessings come from it.
So it is crazy that I am hitting a year now. It's nuts! Time is going by so fast that it is scary! I love my mission and it has been such a blessing in my life and has helped me come closer to my Father in Heaven! I have grown to love the scriptures so much. Especially the Book of Mormon! It just brings peace! In all honesty I don't know how else to describe what it does for me! It is a powerful book that really strengthens the testimony that I have of my Savior. Are we reading it as often as we should? Are we using this wonderful tool to help us know our Savior? If not I would invite you to start using it! I know that it is true and that it can bless our lives! We just need to use it! I love you all!
Elder Smith

Oh also I am going to Trinidad next week for Mission Leadership Conference with all of the Zone Leaders! I am really excited for that! I can't wait to eat some doubles and who knows, I may get to see the Montoutes! That would be so great! I love that family! They changed my life and it will forever be blessed because they were in it! Love ya!

"I testify that one cannot come to full faith in this latter-day work—and thereby find the fullest measure of peace and comfort in these, our times—until he or she embraces the divinity of the Book of Mormon and the Lord Jesus Christ, of whom it testifies... I ask that my testimony of the Book of Mormon and all that it implies, given today under my own oath and office, be recorded by men on earth and angels in heaven. I hope I have a few years left in my “last days,” but whether I do or do not, I want it absolutely clear when I stand before the judgment bar of God that I declared to the world, in the most straightforward language I could summon, that the Book of Mormon is true, that it came forth the way Joseph said it came forth and was given to bring happiness and hope to the faithful in the travail of the latter days."
Jeffrey R Holland

Monday, October 27, 2014


New address:
Elder Randon Smith
Po box 3804 Lagoon Road
St. Georges
West Indies

Wow this place is great! So I must say that I love it here! I miss the bados an awful lot and it was certainly hard leaving but I am really enjoying it here! I love serving with Elder Leany and I am learning a lot from him. He only has 3 months left so I am probably going to be with him until he finishes. He's what they call a straight-shooter and he teaches the gospel well. It has been kind of hard picking up where the other missionaries left off but we are getting it down. I must say though, the field here is real white! It is amazing! I am just loving the branch and the members here. It is nice to have so many recent converts that are still just pumped about the gospel! It is a huge blessing. There is one whose name is Ricky and yesterday he asked one of our investigators at church, "So when are you getting baptized?" Then bore his testimony to her about how making that step has blessed his life. It was wonderful!
I don't have much to say this week seeing that we are just kinda trying to figure out the area but something I've been thinking about a lot is the love that the Lord has for us and His tender mercies. I got thinking about this because it was about a year ago that I had to go home. I was just thinking about how the Lord was always there through all of that. I'll be honest, there were times where I struggled and where I wondered why these things were happening and what I did to deserve this. I sometimes even wondered if He was still there. But I know that He was. I saw so many tender mercies and through those it was like He was telling me, "Hey, I'm still here." I just want you all to know that whatever it may be that we are going through, the Lord is always there. He loves you! Put your trust in Him and I know that He will always lead you to where you need to be! I love you all! Make yourselves a great week!
Elder Smith

"If we have faith in Jesus Christ, the hardest as well as the easiest times in life can be a blessing. In all conditions, we can choose the right with the guidance of the Spirit. We have the gospel of Jesus Christ to shape and guide our lives if we choose it. And with prophets revealing to us our place in the plan of salvation, we can live with perfect hope and a feeling of peace. We never need to feel that we are alone or unloved in the Lord’s service because we never are. We can feel the love of God. The Savior has promised angels on our left and our right to bear us up. And He always keeps His word."
Henry B Eyring

Monday, October 20, 2014

It's Been Real

Wow so this week we got our transfer calls and I found out that I am
going to be heading to Grenada to be a Zone Leader with Elder Leaney!
I am really excited yet really sad as well. I am going to miss
Barbados a lot and I have just really grown to love the people. They
are so great! I am going to miss them dearly. I have just been saying
goodbye to people and stuff and that's what my next couple of days is
going to be filled with before I fly out on wednesday morning.
So Everet did get baptized and it went so well! I am so proud of that
guy and how far he's come. He was so prepared and ready and I am just
glad that we were able to find him! We met Everet when we were walking
home one night to our old apartment, we saw Everet and Elder Barlow
just started talking to him. We found out that he lived next to a
member and he had a copy of the Book of Mormon. We set up a time to
meet with him and when we went over we found that the Book of Mormon
had been really used and studied and that he had a pretty good
understanding of it. We talked to him about baptism and church and
after some persuasion he agreed to set a date for the 19th of October.
He told us he couldn't come to church the first sunday after meeting
with him but that he would come to conference. We kept teaching him
and answering questions and then when conference came about 20 minutes
into it Everet comes walking in. I'm not going to lie, I was kinda
shocked! He ended up staying for both Sunday sessions and loved it!
Elder Bednar's talk answered a lot of questions he had as well. After
that everything just fell into place. Probably my favorite thing he
told us though is that "I've met with other missionaries and I
wouldn't commit to do anything. But there is something about you guys,
you are my earth Angels." It was really cool to see how his testimony
grew and how that all came because we just opened our mouths.
Well that's about it for this week! I love you all and continue to
share the gospel!
With Love,
Elder Smith

 Everette's Baptism

 Sister Lovell
 Brother Mayers
 Sister Cadet
 Crazy Elders
 I love this picture!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Yes, Baptism!

So this week we will be having Everett's Baptism! I am so excited for
that! Everett is just really excited and he told the members yesterday
that me and Elder Barlow just reeled him in like a fish! Ha he is a
funny guy!
Grantley and Roger didn't make it to church so theirs are going to be
postponed unfortunately but at least the Lord has blessed us with
Everett! He has truly been a tender mercy here!
So this week we had interviews with President and that always is a
spiritual experience and I really enjoyed that! I love and look up to
him a lot!
In all honesty I don't have much else to put in here but I am just
really glad that I have the opportunity to serve here! I love the work
here in the Bados and I really love the members! They are great! We
had a lesson in Elders Quorum yesterday that Brother Mayers taught and
it was so powerful to just here him bear pure testimony. I love that
man! He has had a tough past but he loves the gospel and it has
changed him! Something he said really hit me! He said, "This church
shows you how good you can be!" I loved that! I might've shared that
quote from him before but it's ok! I'll share it again! It shows you
how good you can be and your real potential! No matter what! I have
seen that in my life and I wish people would be more willing to see it
in theirs! Share the gospel and let your light shine! I love you! 

Elder Smith 

"Come and see if the restored gospel of Jesus Christ enlarges and enriches that which you already believe." David A Bednar

Unfortunately Elder Smith did not give me any info. about these pics, so.....use your imagination!:)


Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Wow conference was wonderful! I loved it dearly! What a wonderful
opportunity that was to listen to a Prophet's voice. I also loved how
that was a big theme for this conference! We must follow the Prophet,
don't go astray. Follow the Prophet, He knows the way! :) But anyway I
loved Elder Robbins talk on saturday morning! That was so powerful! I
liked how he said, "Pilate was merciful until it got risky." It got me
thinking about how sometimes we are like that! We live the gospel
until it gets risky or threatens our social status or something like
that! As Heavenly Father watches that He is probably just like
"Serious?" We can all do better with that!
Also Grantley had a set back so his baptism is getting moved back but
we will work to get over that!
This transfer I have been really focusing on using scriptures more and
have seen many blessings come from it. I remember hearing Elder Hatch
say "When we use the scriptures we don't have to say, 'Now don't take
my word for it'. Because we are not using our words but we are using
the Lord's." That stuck with me and has helped me a lot. The other day
we were teaching a first lesson and got talking about baptism and the
lady at first felt like she didn't need to be baptized. I then quoted
some scriptures and talked about those and she asked, "So what you're
saying is i need to be baptized to enter heaven." Then this was my
favorite part! I was able to tell her that because I quoted Christ, I
wasn't the one telling her. The Lord was. So that just really opened
my eyes to see the power of scriptures and it was a really neat
Oh I also loved Elder Bednar's talk to finish it off! Wow! That was so
powerful! Now I am going to ask are we sharing our "band-aids and
neosporin"? (I hope that's spelled right) We have something that
brings so much comfort and peace but we don't share it with others!
There are people out their that are spiritually wounded yet we keep
our medicine to ourselves! That cannot happen. We can do better!
Something that President Mehr says is "I love it when people get up in
testimony meeting and say, 'The Gospel blesses me so much' He said his
response to this is, 'That's great! When's the last time you shared it
with someone?' " We can do better at sharing it! So please share your
band aids! We all need them! I love you all! Let us all have the
attitude of Khalil. He says in every one of his prayers, "Help
everyone to get to the Celestial Kingdom together." I love you! Share
your band aids! :)
With Love,
Elder Smith

ps. President Mehr shared this quote by Gordon B Hinckley and I loved it!
"The Church has a host of critics and an army of enemies. They mock
that which is sacred. They demean and belittle that which has come
from God. They pander to the desires of others who evidently enjoy
seeing that which is sacred made to look funny. I cannot think of
anything less in harmony with the spirit of Christ than this kind of
"We are pained by the desecration of that which to us is holy. But we
need not fear. This cause is greater than any man. It will outlast all
its enemies. We need only go forward, without fear, by the power of
faith. Said the Lord in an early season of this work: 'Therefore, fear
not, little flock; do good; let earth and hell combine against you,
for if ye are built upon my rock, they cannot prevail. . . . Look unto
me in every thought; doubt not, fear not. Behold the wounds which
pierced my side, and also the prints of the nails in my hands and
feet; be faithful, keep my commandments, and ye shall inherit the
kingdom of heaven.' (D&C 6:34, 36-37.)" (Faith, The Essence of True
Religion, p. 16)
Here is a pic of the Zone at our activity!

Monday, September 29, 2014

That's What I Said!

What a week! We had a ton going on! We lost our car to the sisters again and are walking, we moved apartments and Roger and Grantley came to church and loved it! I was stoked! They will be getting baptized just now!
But anyway one thing at a time! So we don't have a car once again and are walking for good so that kinda stinks! But that brings us to our next point!
We have a new apartment that is so sweet! I feel like I checked into a hotel! it is sick! But we had to get that because our old one is not in our area and is terrible for the walking. So yeah this week we spent a lot of time moving!
Last but not least, Our boy Grantley came to church rocking his suit! IT was sweet! He loved it! So Grantley is this guy we contacted a while back but he wasn't super interested until this week. We went buy on monday night and he told us about how he has issues with dizziness and memory and so we felt prompted to give a blessing. We did and Grantley has since been feeling much better and it was a real faith building opportunity for him! He has been reading the Book of Mormon and knows it's true! He should be getting baptized on the 12th!
Now onto our boy Roger! He is great! We only got to see him once this week because of our schedule but he is doing great! He is reading lots and is just doing really well! He loved church and is ready to go for the 19th. I am so excited for him! He is doing so well! he is like our little brother! 
All is well in the Bados! I love it here! I am so lucky to be here and wouldn't rather be anywhere else! I am stoked for conference! Everybody better be watching! We will be watching at the church! I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Smith

 Sister Armstrong's food
 Happy to give the car back to the sisters!:)
 Turning the car keys over to the sisters
 Cliffs of St. Lucy