Monday, October 13, 2014

Yes, Baptism!

So this week we will be having Everett's Baptism! I am so excited for
that! Everett is just really excited and he told the members yesterday
that me and Elder Barlow just reeled him in like a fish! Ha he is a
funny guy!
Grantley and Roger didn't make it to church so theirs are going to be
postponed unfortunately but at least the Lord has blessed us with
Everett! He has truly been a tender mercy here!
So this week we had interviews with President and that always is a
spiritual experience and I really enjoyed that! I love and look up to
him a lot!
In all honesty I don't have much else to put in here but I am just
really glad that I have the opportunity to serve here! I love the work
here in the Bados and I really love the members! They are great! We
had a lesson in Elders Quorum yesterday that Brother Mayers taught and
it was so powerful to just here him bear pure testimony. I love that
man! He has had a tough past but he loves the gospel and it has
changed him! Something he said really hit me! He said, "This church
shows you how good you can be!" I loved that! I might've shared that
quote from him before but it's ok! I'll share it again! It shows you
how good you can be and your real potential! No matter what! I have
seen that in my life and I wish people would be more willing to see it
in theirs! Share the gospel and let your light shine! I love you! 

Elder Smith 

"Come and see if the restored gospel of Jesus Christ enlarges and enriches that which you already believe." David A Bednar

Unfortunately Elder Smith did not give me any info. about these pics, so.....use your imagination!:)


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