Monday, November 17, 2014

The Hospital

So.....Elder Smith thought he had Chickengunya last week.....but nope it was infection in a cut that he got on his leg which turned into a bad all about it.  We are thankful he had to go to Trinidad for a leadership conference so that someone could see his leg and tell him it wasn't Chickengunya and get him to the hospital for some quick and powerful antibiotic treatments.  Otherwise he could have been walking around Grenada waiting for it to get better as it got worse.  The Lord blessed him this week, I know that!

Wow what a crazy week! Ha that basically sums it up! I finally get into trinidad and I have to spend a ton of time at the hospital because of some cellulitis thing! Ha it kills me! That basically sums up my entire mission right there! Ha it was still great though! This past week has just been full of amazing spiritual experiences. So to give you an idea my leg is just super swollen and super red! Like unbelievably red! So I had no idea what was going on! So we went to the mission office and I had Sister Francom look at it and she's like, "We need to have a Dr. look at this." Now knowing my history with doctors I was immediately worried! I kinda saw something coming! But anyway we go and the doctor looks at it and tells me I should probably stay there for a couple days so they can give me meds through an IV and ting. So I was immediately like, "You have got to be kidding me!" I was vexed! So Sister Francom made me agree and stuff and then I almost started crying. I was so upset that I finally make it to Trinidad and I am stuck. So luckily we had some Elders there to give me a blessing and they happened to be some of my favorites! I was able to have Elder Grange anoint me with oil and Elder Beck sealed the anointing. It was so powerful! Elder Beck in his blessing said I would be healed according to my faith and I would be able to do what I needed to do. I then know that I would be able to attend at least some of the meeting! So I was skyped in for the fireside on tuesday night and then I received a visit from President and Sister Mehr. That was the best! I love those two. We talked for a little and it was great! Then the next morning I got my IV treatment and I was able to leave for 8 hours until the next one! Elder Beck's blessing had been fulfilled! It was so cool to experience that! When I was finally able to leave the hospital and go to the meeting I felt like I was coming back from injury to save the game or something! Ha so that was pretty cool! I walked in and you should've seen President's face! That was my favorite part! Ha he just gives me this like, "Are you serious?" Then he says, "There has been a resurrection!" Ha so I chilled at the meeting and saw all my boys and it was great! I loved the meeting! My favorite was a story they shared about the district president in Guyana. He had a choice between electricity and having his family sealed. He chose to go to the temple and have his family sealed. Now if that doesn't show how important that is, I don't know what will! What a blessing that is that we can be with our family forever! We need to take advantage of that! That is the essence of the gospel! That's why we are here! It is essential for our exaltation.
I am doing great here! My leg is healing well and I love the work! Another really cool story from this week was we were contacting late at night and we called into a house and it happened to be a young woman member. She had just barely prayed that she would have someone to talk to and then we showed up! It was crazy! It was really cool to be apart of answering her prayer! I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers and always fulfills his blessings according to our faith! I know that. I love you all! Take care!
Elder Smith

 View from our apartment
 MTC Comps Elder Christensen and Elder Beck! Reunited and it feels so good!
 Me and Elder Glade
 Me and Elder Brown and Elder Glade
 Me and Elder Grange
My leg Wednesday morning

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