Monday, December 1, 2014

What's Up?

So this week was a good one! My birthday party fell through but it was still a great day! We had a great thanksgiving with some members and it was sweet! Reminded me of home! I love thanksgiving time! 
So this week was interesting! We had Christian's baptism get postponed because his mom Cecelia (recent convert) Had lots of errands to run! Ha when she told me that I was like, "If?" Ha I asked her if she was serious! She was just like, "Yeah I have to go to the supermarket and pay bills and stuff. But I prayed about it and God understands!" Ha that was killing me! I don't know what was going on! But we are having it this week! Jeepers Creepers.... 
Also Linkcy changed her mind so we are going to have to drop her for now since it is just not really going anywhere... 
We are working with some sweet people though! I love this area! We found some really great people and are going to see much success! I am so excited! We are just working to separate the wheat and the tares right now! I am so excited to be here though!
Yesterday we had a cool experience because there is a Grenadian missionary leaving for the Dominican Republic and it was his farewell! He is going to be so great! I am excited for him! 
I don't have much to say but I love you all and the work is great! The field is white here! Thanks for all of your support and B day wishes last week! I love you all and stay cool!
Elder Smith

 1. With Elder Bingham
 2. Gift from Linkcia
3. Thanksgiving at the Wing's!

4. Me and Ryan (The Elder) (My head hadn't come up yet but it's still a good one) 
5. My head is up!

6. Great grenadian view!

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