Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Zone Conference

Wow this week was great! So I realized that last week I didn't even let you know about transfer calls I am staying with Elder Leany until he finishes his mission this transfer. I am really excited about that because we have a lot more to accomplish! The work here in Grenada is fantastic! I love it here!
So last week was Zone Conference in the Bados! It was so great to go back there! I loved Barbados so it was really cool to see the missionaries there and to see how the people are doing there! I found out that Everet is getting the Aaronic Priesthood and has been solid ever since I left! That is the best news ever! I am so happy for him! He is sweet!
I also got to sing at Zone Conference with Elder Harding. He is a ZL over in Barbados and a good friend of mine! We started the mish together so that was really cool! We sang Away in a Manger and it was really cool. We just sang Acapella and it was simple but it was neat to be able to sing a Christmas song at Zone Conference!
That was the big news from this week! Christian's baptism got moved because his sister had a baby so it should be this week! Ha so that will be good!
We also will be having a baptism for Jaheisha on Saturday! She is a super smart ten year old girl who is the Daughter of Kecia who is a recent convert! We're loving these part member families! Ha but we are super excited for her! She reads the Book of Mormon a ton and so she will be great!
At Zone Conference I learned a lot! President Mehr taught about covenants and how in a way we build our own mansion in heaven. He was a big time contractor back home and so he compared it to that. He told a story (fictional) about him building a house for someone and how he found tile that was a little bit cheaper than what the person wanted but it looked really similar so he decided he would get that to save a little money. So he put it in and then he took the couple through and the husband saw it and was like, "Marge, look! This isn't what we ordered!" So because he cut the corner he had to tear it up and had to go back and fix it. So he did that and even got something nicer then what they originally wanted. He also threw in some extra things free of charge to make it nicer! So then when he was done he took the couple threw again and they just loved all of the extras and were thrilled! So he handed them the keys and everything was great! Then he walked off and he heard the husband yell, "Dan!" (That's President's name) So he turned around and then the husband tossed him the keys and said, "You just built your own house. Enjoy it!"
President then said that this is what we are doing In this life. And at the end of this life we'll get whatever we put into "Our Mansion". So why would we cut corners? By keeping our covenants we are adding in all of those extra things to make our mansion nicer! Think of what each of you can do to improve your mansion! And if there is something that needs to be taken out because you cut corners, get it out of there and start new! I love each of you! Build up your mansion!
Elder Smith

"Following Christ is not a casual or occasional practice but a continuous commitment and way of life that applies at all times and in all places"
Dallin H Oaks

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