Monday, May 19, 2014


So this week was nuts! We had another huge scare with Granny this week. It is getting so crazy. We were at a baptism on saturday at the church and I get a call from Neesa. (Granny's grand-niece who lives with her) She calls us and tells me that Granny is not breathing well and she can't talk. So me and Elder Day just hauled to get to Granny's as soon as we could. We got there and gave her a blessing and helped take her on a stretcher to the ambulance again. We were freaking out. She could not even lift her arm to shake our hands and it was just bad. We thought she was going to slip away right then. So she goes to the Hospital and we were just super thrown off the rest of the night. We went over to see her yesterday and she is doing much better and they just had to get her blood sugar back up but it was just sad. She is doing better though. Oh man it was crazy.
So this week was good but tough. Shannon didn't come to church so we were heartbroken about that. She is so prepared! She told us that she wants an eternal family and she isn't going to settle for anything less! So we are just going to continue to work with her because she has some real divine potential! We also picked Jeanette back up and she is progressing again so that is really good! We have been blessed to have some really spiritually led days that have been great! We have seen blessings as we have been really trying to rely on the spirit lately. I love it!
O'Brian is doing really well still as well as the rest of the fam! His brother Valentine is getting the priesthood next week and in his own words he said, "I've just put it off to long." I loved that! It got me thinking about how a lot of times in life we "Put it off to long." Whether it be living a commandment, or magnifying a calling or just simply doing what we are supposed to be doing! We read in Alma 34 that we shouldn't procrastinate the day of our repentance and Joshua tells us to choose this day who we are going to serve! So why do we "Put it off?" By putting it off we are only hurting ourselves! So whatever it is don't "put it off" any more! Remember the Nike slogan! "Just Do It!" I know that Heavenly Father is just waiting to bless us! So choose NOW to come closer to Him! I love you all!
Elder Smith

1. I won Monopoly!
2. I was really happy
3. The crew in the ZL's apartment
4. Me and Elder Morrison aka the Jamaican


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