Monday, May 12, 2014


Oh man it was so great to talk to you guys yesterday! Ir was just a boost that I really needed! Not going to lie though... My heart did kinda sink a little at first when I didn't see Kaitlyn. Ha same with Elder Glade's! Ha he told me when he looked in and didn't see her he was really bummed because he wanted to meet her! Ha but they got to meet her and he says he approves! Ha but it was great to talk to you! You guys haven't really changed and I am sure that you saw that I haven't a whole lot. Ha I am still Randon! Oh but I sure love you guys!
This week was kinda tough because we had to drop Jeanette... It absolutely breaks my heart. I really hope that she picks it up so we can go back again! This week was full of drop lessons which is really tough but it was also full of some amazing experiences.
We recently opened up an area in Bocage. We have some sweet people up there! One of them is named Shannon. She is probably about 20 and she has so much desire to know the truth! It is so inspiring! She is going to be baptized soon! I am really excited for her! Another person that we had a lot of success with up there is Sister Agatha. She is kinda crazy but so amazing! I love meeting these humble people that are just so warm and Genuine. But Agatha is married and has a 20 year old daughter and a 10 year old son. And the other day we went by her and after the lesson she told us that her husband wanted to tell us something but he was at work so she was just going to tell us. She went on and told us how her husband had this vision of a man leading this sheep and so he told her that it was time for them to get baptized. Agatha then asked us, "Can you help us with that?" Ha so that should be going down soon! Yes Father led family! Man I am super excited for them! 
Everybody else is doing well! I sure do love this work! I don't really know what else to say because I talked to you last night but just know that I love you a lot! Looking back at things coming home was a huge blessing! For multiple reasons... :) Ha but i got to get a lot closer to you guys and it was a major blessing!
My thought today is on Forever Families. That's something that I am so grateful for! I love my family and I can't wait for my future family! I really am kinda excited... Ha but I know that as long as we do what our Heavenly Father asks and have a Temple Marriage. Notice it's not just a Temple Wedding. But as we have a Temple Marriage and honor those covenants that we make, we make it possible to be with our families forever! How great is that?! I am so grateful for that knowledge! I love you guys and I'm grateful for you!
Elder Smith



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