Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Bados!

Man I love this place! It is super hot but it is so amazing! I have just grown to love it here! Elder Bechan and I have been working really hard to get things going here and get some progressing investigators. Elder Bechan is a great missionary so it's been great!
This week was also zone conference so I sang a song that I found named, "I have not seen, Yet I believe" It went well and so I was really grateful for that! I also got to have Elder Hatch stay with us the entire time and that was great! I love that guy! He was with us a lot and I got to go on splits with him and so I grew a lot from that. I have been working on sharing my testimony about the Book of Mormon with everyone! There is so much power in that book and I have noticed that when I share about it things go a lot better and the spirit is able to testify a lot more than if I were to just beat around the bush. So that was great to see that and have that experience.
I still don't have a ton to writeabout the Bados yet but I will write about our recent convert, Desmond. He is in his 70's and he is kinda crazy. But I haven't met a more loving person. He is incredible. He literally has nothing but he is so kind and always so happy. He got to meet President Mehr yesterday and it just made him so happy! Ha he was just beaming! But Desmond is just an amazing guy and probably my favorite thing is he calls me Smithy! Ha it makes me laugh! I love that guy! He is going to introduce us to everyone that he knows on tuesday! Ha so that is going to be great!
The Bados is sweet! I love it here. It is hard but as we work hard I know the Lord will bless us! That;s the way He works. If you want something good then make something happen! I love you all! 
Elder Smith

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