Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First letter from Randon from the MTC! Feels like we waited for eternity! :)

So if you were wondering if I was going to grow up on my mission then after the first week it probably isn't looking to good... Ha I actually just got out of the doctors office because of an injury that occurred last night... We'll discuss that later on...
The MTC is amazing! The food is not the greatest for your bowels at times but I still love it here! It's a lot like the NBA finals in a way. It has a lot of excitement and I have seen every single stage of male patterned baldness! I thank Heavenly Father for my thick mane every day! :) I have 2 comps and we are the West indies Brothers! One is Elder Christensen who is super spiritual and a really humble guy from Oak City, Utah and I like him a lot. He is also the big District Leader! He is a stud! The other one is Elder Beck from Boise! He even watches The Office so we talk about that sometimes. He reminds me a lot of Mckay Parrish in a way and he is super cool! We like to party and we're practicing our whistling so we can do a musical number! Ha so yes mom I am using my musical talents. We also have two other elders in our district who are going to Colorado Springs. One is Elder Hansen who went to Skyview. He said that he wrestled Nick Sorenson. Elder Hansen is a super cool guy who I've grown to love. I didn't know that Skyview could create cool people so it was nice to learn that... The other is Elder Boswell. He is hilarious! He reminds me so much of Scott Frishkinechthskdht. (I gave up on trying to spell that last name) But anyway Elder Boswell is just a funny guy and he even does Scott's pointing thing when he talks! Ha it kills me every time! There is also a sister in my district that reminds me of Zoey a lot... So seeing all these people really helps in a way! There is also an Elder that reminds me of Dwight Schrute! Ha so he makes things ten times better!
So I know you're all wondering "How did Elder Smith get injured?!?" Well just hold in the tears because I am still OK. But the story goes like this. I sleep on the top bunk and so i have to get up there somehow. So last night Dwight and some other Elders came over to our room and Elder Beck was like "Elder Smith show them how you jump onto your bed!" K so I don't ever jump onto my bed, I use the ladder... So me jumping onto the bed was a leap of faith! So I'm just like "Yeah I'm going to show Dwight how it's done!" So I stretched first, then got a running start, and jumped! Let's just say I didn't quite make it... I ended up grabbing onto the bar on the bed and kinda broke it and fell backwards and landed on my wrist... But for a moment there I felt like MJ! However now I feel like Greg Ostertag with a sprained wrist... So it's a tough deal!
All in all the MTC is great and I love it here! We need more sisters though! They bring a love that the elders just can't bring so that's my challenge to all the girls out there!
I'd be lying if I told you I didn't miss you all a ton and that I'm not a little homesick! But I'd also be lying if I told you that this isn't where I need to be! The spirit is so strong here and I love this work! It is moving forward so choose the Lord's team NOW! He blesses people and will bless you!
Love you all,
Elder Smith
P.S, We had a fireside on Sunday with Vai Sikahema as the speaker! It was great and exactly what I needed. He talked about how he has been privileged to put on some of the most iconic sports uniforms ever. But his favorite uniform he ever put on was the shirt, tie and a missionary name-tag! Just thought I'd share that with you. :)

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