Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The MTC!

Today was the start of Elder Randon Smith's West Indies Adventure!  And what an adventure it will be.  My heart was breaking as we all said goodbye!  The Lord will take good care of him, he is in His hands.  We arrived at the MTC at exactly 2:00 pm and we all were so excited because we were on time (apparently being on time for things is a problem for us)!:)  I rolled down the van window and an elderly missionary said, "are you here to drop off a sister or an elder?"  I said, "an elder", and he then stuck a blue sticky note on my windshield!  I then hear a "manly" squeal from the back of the van as Randon expresses his excitement.  He was so ready to be there!  He said something like, "YES!  This is so incredible!"  Pulled over to the curb, we all got out and said our goodbyes and took one final picture!  He was beaming as we were all crying!  As he walked away he turned and gave me one last look and...A WINK!  The Stake Presidency member who set him apart told him to do that and he remembered!  Made my day!  We all cried for a good while after that, but it helped that he was smiling as big as Texas as he walked away! Go get 'em Elder Smith!

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