Tuesday, August 27, 2013

He's arrived in the "Indies"!

After only 12 days in the MTC, we got to talk to Elder Randon Smith on Monday morning (8-26-13)as he was on his way.  He called us from Houston, TX while on a layover.  It was so good to hear his voice!  We had speaker phones going so Dad could be in on the conversation from work.  We were so happy to hear from him.  He was so excited and ready to get to the "Indies" as he called it.  He left the MTC at 2:30 am and was tired too!  He still had a 6 hour flight to get to the Indies.  He arrived there last night (8-26-13) at 9:00 pm.  His time zone is 3 hours ahead of us.  He looks great in the photo!  Big smile!  He sounded so happy when we talked to him, he loved the MTC and said he did take pics.  So I will post those as soon as he sends them to me!  I asked him how he was doing and he said, "Great, I just can't wait to get there!"  It is such an amazing feeling, as a mother,  to look at this picture!  I can't describe the excitement and joy that I feel.  I am so proud of this Elder and love him so much!  His message is posted below.  He said to just send letters to the Mission home address which is posted on this blog, then they send the letters to him. He is shown here with his mission pres. and wife, The Mehrs.

Twenty-two new elders arrive in Trinidad:
Back Row: Elder Jacobsen, Elder Larson, Elder Sorensen, Elder Hodgkinson, Elder Harding, 
Elder Smith, Elder Christensen & Elder Bates. Middle Row: Elder Smith, Elder Evans, Elder 
Day, Elder Garner, Elder Kippen, Elder Fraley & Elder Lever. Front Row: Elder Brown, Elder 
Beck, Elder Bertschi, Elder Witten, Elder Chapman, Elder Call & Elder Lewis. 
Seated: President and Sister Mehr

Hey I just wanted to let you know I made it! I have been assigned to port of spain in trinidad. I will let you know more but the Mehr's are amazing! Love them already! Well I gotta go! Love you lots!

-Elder Smith

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