Monday, September 2, 2013

First P-day letter from the "Indies"

Olo, (cheesy megamind quote)
I am in the Port of Spain in Trinidad right now and it is crazy! All I know is this isn't the language they taught me in the MTC! I don't necessarily understand the english here... Ha but I have gotten a little better with it as time has gone on. It's a great place but there are some interesting people here. So i learned that we can't really just smile and nod for everything when you can't understand them. I did that when a guy apparently said that Moses was half man and half horse... I ended up agreeing by smiling and nodding and it turned into a real interesting situation... Ha but what can you do?! 
My comp is Elder Jamison from Riverton and we are doing really well. We have like 8 people who have baptism dates in the next little bit. So we're hoping and praying that they can make it! We're also teaching a lady with dreads! I was so excited when I saw she had dreads because of my goal to baptize at least 6 people with dreads! Ha why am i so dumb?! But anyway I am loving it here even though it is so hot and humid! Plus I am in a walking area and we literally walked at least 10 miles my first day! I am wasting away! I have lost so much weight and I've only been here about a week! So basically i'm on the verge of a six-pack. No big deal.
This is honestly the hardest thing I've ever done though. Physically I am absolutely dead and emotionally it's super tough too. It's breaking my heart to see so many people not want to enjoy eternal happiness because our standards may be a little uncomfortable or inconvenient. I know that it's worth it and I just hope more people can see that. Stay strong and never stray. But if you have we must understand that we are always welcomed back with open arms, no matter how great the detour! Love you all and I hope everything is going great in the BIG BC! 

-Elder Smith

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