Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We got 2 emails today!  And some pics!  Enjoy! Yay!

Me and Elder Beck with Bro Lester at the MTC! I'll send more next week! :) Luvs!!! 

Me and Elder Jamison, Elder Hatch and Elder Brown at a member's house,

So you know how I told you about the Montoutes and how the mother (Susan) would be baptized if she had her husband's consent? Well she got it and now she is going to be baptized on Saturday! And her husband is going to even come to her baptism! This is certainly a miracle from the Lord! 
Also something else really cool that happened for me was on Friday when one of the AP's came out with us! His name is Elder Boyer and he makes me laugh quite a bit. But anyway when we were teaching he just kind of gave me this look that was like "Go get 'em!" Ha so I did! It was so neat because I really was able to build my confidence in teaching through that experience! I definitely needed that. That really is about the just of it as far as our week goes. We weren't really able to go out very much this last week because Elder Jamison was sick... So I'm not going to lie, staying in our apartment all week really wasn't very fun at all. I read so many scriptures and watched so many district videos this week! Ha I feel all studied out! All in all it was a dang good week! I kinda had my whole weight loss program put on hold though because if you're not walking you're not losing in the Indies! So that was kind of a disappointment.
I have received a lot of questions about food here though so I will talk about it. It's one of my favorite things to talk about! :) But anyway the food here is good, really spicy, and messes with your bowels in the morning... I know that's really blunt but that really is the way it is! You asked so I told you! Ha but it is a lot of rice, beans and chicken when we eat at members houses. They love their chicken around here! 
I also realized that I haven't really talked about Pres. and Sister Mehr very much. So here it goes! I love the Mehr's! They seriously are the best people ever! President Mehr reminds me of Coach Mecham a ton! But he actually has a lot of hair... Ha so if Coach Mecham wasn't bald he would be exactly like him! Ha he has this loving boldness about him when he talks. He is very smart and relates the gospel really well to things. Sister Mehr is one of the nicest people I have ever met! She is so great! So basically they are the power couple of the Indies! I love them!
Well it's been real but I gotta get going! Do the little things and you will be blessed! Luvs!!!

-Elder Smith

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