Monday, September 30, 2013


Sept. 30, 2013

So this was an absolutely amazing week! We had Susan's Baptism this week and it was such an amazing experience being able to baptize her! The coolest part was on Sunday though when she was confirmed and bore her testimony. On Sunday morning she kinda had a rough time with her husband I guess so she was pretty sad when she got to church. But when we went up to have Bishop confirm her it was the neatest thing ever. After he was done we all took our hands off of her head and she was bawling. She had so many tears running down her face. Then later on she got up and bore her testimony. She talked about her long journey to becoming a member of the church and then said "when I was given the Gift of the Holy Ghost I didn't feel 8 hands on my head, but I felt surrounded by 8 angels." I lost it! I started to leak profusely out of my eyes! The entire congregation was crying. That was the most spiritual experience I've had out here so far! She is so solid and it really shows that people are being prepared to live the gospel.
I love this area! It seriously is the best! We had 7 investigators at church on Sunday and we have some really solid ones! It's so exciting to see people progress and notice for themselves the blessings that are coming from following Christ!
Also guess what! I have lost 30 pounds in my first month here! It is so crazy! One of the senior missionaries described it as walking around in a sauna. Ha and it is kinda true!
Well that really is about it for this week. I am loving it even though it is super tough! Luvs!

-Elder Smith

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