Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 2

Well this week has been kinda crazy! We had transfer day on Wednesday so me and Elder Pierson have been all over the place since then! I am losing weight like crazy! Ha six pack here I come! We had a ten year old girl name Krashona get baptized on sauturday so that was cool! Even though I didn't even meet her until the day of her baptism... Ha but anyway the church is really growing here but there is a lot of pressure on missionaries. We teach a ton of the classes in church and such because there are hardly any men in the church here! But we are working on it! 
We have our apartment in the basement of the church and it is falling apart! It also smells pretty bad... Ha plus there is termite damage like crazy! The life of a west indies missionary... Ha it isn't as warm as Trinidad here but it is more humid so I still sweat like Kevin Garnett! I am drinking lots (of water) though! Elder Pierson keeps expecting me to get sick because I drink so much but I am to tough for that! Ha Elder Pierson is pretty cool, not robotic and I don't have to be super dignified when i am with him so I guess you could say that life is pretty good! Ha
This week wasn't super eventful but I guess for a spiritual thought I would like to share something that Elder Bechan said in Zone Meeting. He said, "Our HEavenly Father doesn't give us blessings so we can experience joy, he gives them so we can experience change." I loved that! I thought a lot about the last couple months and as much as I hate to admit it, I changed a lot! So I got thinking about the blessings that came and the change that came because of those blessings and then how I received so much joy! I know that is kind of a complicated chain but I know that Heavenly Father does send blessings so we can change for the better and I am so grateful for that! I have been so blessed the last little bit and I think I am going to keep those things that changed in my life! I love you all! Life is great!
-Elder Smith

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