Monday, January 5, 2015

Yes Baptisms!

This week was so great that is going to be really hard to fit it all in here! But I guess that's the best way to have it! So buckle up!
So Vaniria and Alicia (Vaniria's cousin who we have been working with) got baptized. It was great! They are both really shy in front of people but when we just meet with them you can't get them to be quiet! So they were both really quiet and shy at the baptism but it was really good! We are going to be baptising Alicia's sister Alana this saturday and she is really excited for that! I love teaching Member referrals!
So Abieshur wasn't able to get baptized because she was helping with some investigation at the Police Station most of the week so we weren't able to teach her everything she needed. So I can definitely add that to my list of firsts! Ha you gotta love it!
We met a super cool lady named Hazel and we were able to meet with her this week a couple of times and she came to church and loved it. She is working towards the 31st for baptism. She is so prepared!  She has a couple of kids also that seem pretty cool so we are going to be working with them as well!
We also are meeting with a 22 year old girl named Ameena, that lives a ways away but we taught her about baptism the other night and she said that she really wanted to be baptized and to have those mistakes washed away. Then we were like great and asked her when she wanted to and she was just like, "As soon as possible!" So we are going to help her work towards the 7th of February! 
So this morning we were able to have the opportunity to go to town and do some souvenir shopping with the Matthew's. It was great! Ha so to start off we parked in this crappy parking lot next to an Ace hardware store and it's like empty so we're just like "Sweet!" But anyway we go, we shop and it is just a fine and dandy time! I had some people try to rip me off and it was just great! But then we get back to the car after we are done and are car has like 2 cars parked behind it and so there is no way for us to get out! Ha so we were all just like you have got to be kidding me! "Then one of the cars moved so we were just like sweet! One down, one to go! Then Matthew Francis (The one with one leg) walks up and he just gets vexed! Ha He is just freaking out! He goes on this rant about how if he had a key and some rotten eggs he would scratch up the car and smash the eggs all over it! Ha so we're just trying to calm him down and I am just dying! Ha it was great! So after a while the car finally moved and all was well but it was just funny! 
Well that's about it for this week! It was great though! I love this work! Things here in Grenada are going really well! I love it! 
I know that the Lord loves us and He will always welcome us back to Him! That has been something that my mission has really taught me as we have seen so many people change their lives. In all reality that couldn't come without the Lord's love! So I know that it's real! I love you guys! Make yourself a great week!
With Love,
Elder Smith

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