Monday, January 12, 2015

Transfer call and baptism Saturday!

This week was really great! We had Alana get baptized and she was so excited! She is Vanira's cousin and Alicia's sister. So they are quite the crew! She has made lots of changes in her life and we are really excited! She is like a different person now! When we first brought up baptism with her she wanted nothing to do with it! But then she started reading and coming to church and she had a hole in her lile filled by the gospel! It has been amazing to see! 
So now for the transfer call part. We were at the baptism and we were waiting for those that got baptized to change and Elder Pierson gets a call from President Mehr. Pres then tells him that he is going to go to Guyana and then asks if Elder Bingham happens to be there! So then he hands the phone over to Elder Bingham and he talks to President for a little while and then he walks over to me and says, "Give me a hug companion!" Ha so Elder Bingham is going to be coming down to St. Georges to be a ZL with me! It is going to be great! I love that guy! Even though it is going to be weird because I have learned a lot from Elder Leany and I am going to miss him. He is a good missionary!
Also today we had a zone activity at Hog island! (Small Island just off of Grenada) We crossed a bridge and limed there for a couple of hours! It was great! (See Pics Below)
We are working with some great people here and we have recently started to work with some more less actives. One is named Janice, (I know weird, she has the same name as Grandma) But anyway, It is sad sometimes to see how much they could be blessed if only they would come to church and stuff like that! They are missing out on so much! But the most amazing thing that I have noticed is that no matter what they are doing now or how long they have been away, they are always going to have the Lord there with open arms to welcome them back. All throughout the scriptures we read about how the Lord is willing to let us into His rest as long as we will come. The thing that we need to remember though is that "Come" is an action word. It requires us to do something! But as long as we do our best the Lord is willing to let us in! I love the Lord! I am so grateful for Him and the fact that no matter how dumb or complacent I have been at times in my life, He has always been there to welcome me back! I know that is the same with all of us! That is our plea to the world right now! Come to Him and He will give you rest! I know that! I love each of you and I just pray that you will all do whatever you need to do to Come to Him.
With Love,
Elder Smith

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”
Matthew 11:28

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