Monday, May 18, 2015

Transfer Calls! Buckle up!!

I will post his new address as soon as I get it, he is obviously so excited!  

You ready for this?!?!?!?!?! I am going to.............................. Castries St. Lucia! And serving with.................................................................... Elder Beck!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha can  you believe it/ We are going to be zone leaders together there! IT is a different area but the same branch that I was in before! I am stoked! Ha so yeah there it is!
I am going to miss Grenada a lot! The people here are great! But the Lord needs me elsewhere!
This week was wonderful! I grew a ton and I feel like I have gotten so much closer to the Savior! I sure do love the Lord! The big news is that Andra and Corey are going to be getting baptized on tuesday! We are sneaking it in before transfers! Also for Elder Bingham's birthday! IT's going to be great! We had a very special moment with Andra as she told us that one of the big things pushing her is the change that she has seen in her 10 year old son Corey. And that since this is going to make him the man that she wants him to be she is going to keep going! No matter what! That is just an echo of my email last week! Andra is a mother who knows! That was so powerful! I am so excited for them! They have come so far!
We also got to go to a service projects at some old folks homes and it was great! I have changed to say the least! I used to really struggle with things like that! But it was such a sweet experience!
I also got to have a special fast this week and I have a testimony of that! I do still wonder at times if we're going to get to the judgement bar and Heavenly Father is going to ask us if we have any questions and I am going to ask, "What was up with that fasting thing?" And he is going to say, "You guys missed a letter! It was supposed to be feasting! You were supposed to have feast and testimony meeting!" Ha but we'll see! :) Thank you Hank Smith for that joke! :) But in all seriousness I love the promise in Isaiah 58. Listen to this, "Then shalt thou call, and the Lord shall answer; thou shalt cry, and he shall say, Here I am." I love that! Don't we all at times when we are in deep distress, sadness, confusion, worry, whatever it may be! Don't we all need the Lord to say as we cry out to Him, "Hey, I'm here. It's ok." I testify that is exactly what fasting does for us! I saw that! I testify that He will answer! He always does! Just trust! Hang in and hold on! Take heart! He is there! I love you all! I know that the Lord always keeps his promises. Especially as we obey His laws. I love you all! Have a great week! 
With Love,
Elder Smith

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