Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Back From The Dead!

Well I am back here in St. Lucia! It is crazy! Ha I wish that you could see some of the peoples faces when they saw me for the first time! Ha it is so funny! The funniest one was a girl named Kimberly who is about 14. She was the first one that saw me and she looked at me like I was coming back from the dead! Ha it was so funny! Church was great but very hard... O'Brian is inactive as well as his family and so that was hard to see. There also are a lot of people that were there a year ago that aren't there now... It breaks my heart and we have a lot of work to do!
We had a good finish in Grenada though! It was great! We had Andra and Corey's baptism and they are super excited! They are doing so well! I am so happy for them! During the baptism I also stepped on a sea urchin... Ha so I got a bunch of little quill things stuck in my foot and so at the Deangelo's dinner appointment right after that we ate while I soaked my foot in crazy hot water and then Brother Deangelo spent about an hour and a half getting the things out with a needle and some tweezers... Ha he was so funny! But it was good! I am doing just fine now to mom so don't get to worried! ;)
I miss Grenada bad and it was really hard to leave! (I have some pics that I will send next week because I forgot my camera! I am happy to be here in St. Lucia though and I know I need to be my best here!
So I know you are dying to hear how things are going with Elder Beck! It's great! I love that guy! We are working with some sweet people and we are going to see some miracles! IT was funny because last night I was looking back at my journal from the beginning of my mission and it was funny to read that and see how much we have changed! I also came across an entry that we thought was funny because about after 4 days in the MTC I said that I hoped Elder Beck and I get to serve together! Now here we are! Ha it's pretty crazy!
I have loved seeing the joy and change that serving the Lord has brought to me! I love it! If there is anyone that is wondering whether to serve or not, you've got to! It is the greatest thing! I love it! The Lord surely pays in His own way! I love you all! Have a great week!
With Love,
Elder Smith 

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