Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Miracles of the Restoration

Elder Smith's new address is to your right, he is back in St. Lucia!:)

Wow this week was great! We saw a lot of miracles and it was great! I had a lot of great things but not a lot of time today so I am going to be jumping a little bit!
We were able to see O'Brian and the fam and it was great! HE gave me a huge hug and Dorothy told me that I look like I lost weight. Ha that made me feel good! We talked for a little while and He actually came to church! And said the closing prayer! So I am praying that we can get him back! I love that man!
The next part that was cool was we were able to drop off the first missionary to ever serve from this branch and it is just exciting! He is super excited and just ready to serve! He has been a member for about 14 months and is just amazing! I am so grateful for his example! 
I am just about out of time but the people here are amazing and the young missionary is a perfect example of that! They are miracles of the restoration here and I am so grateful to serve around them! I love this work! Have a great week!
With Love,
Elder Smith

"I have also seen another miracle. That miracle is you, the great faithful but often unheralded body of the Church who play your part in the ongoing saga of the Restoration. In a real sense, the wonder and beauty of this historic day would not, could not be complete without you.
Certainly I, for one, have taken great strength from you today, you who come from a hundred different nations and ten hundred walks of life. You who have turned away from the glitter and glare and “vain imaginations” (1 Ne. 12:18) of the world, to seek a holier life in the splendor of the city of God. You who love your families and your neighbors and, yes, those who hate you and curse you and “despitefully use you, and persecute you” (Matt. 5:44). You who pay tithing with certainty even when you are uncertain about every other aspect of your financial future. You who send your sons and daughters on missions, clothing that child in better apparel than you now wear—or will wear—for the eighteen or twenty-four months of sacrifice that lie ahead. You who plead for blessings to be bestowed on others, especially those in physical or spiritual distress, offering to give them your own health or happiness if that would be something God could allow. You who face life alone, or face it without advantage, or face it with little success. You who carry on in quiet courage, doing the best you can. I pay tribute to every one of you and am deeply honored to stand in your presence...This church, the great institutional body of Christ, is a marvelous work and a wonder not only because of what it does for the faithful but also because of what the faithful do for it. Your lives are at the very heart of that marvel. You are evidence of the wonder of it all."
Jeffrey R Holland

 Cookout Roger and Matthew did for Elder Smith before he left Grenada
 Farewell Burger lime (hangout) with some of the med students

 Andra and Corey's Baptism

 Elder Smith stepped on a sea urchin while doing Andra and Corey's baptism!:(

 Sad leaving Elder Bingham :(

 New Companion!!!!  Elder Beck!!!:)
 Elder Mitchell

 Elder Smith with President and Sister Mehr
Elder Beck and Elder Smith with Shannon (new missionary) before they dropped him off at the airport!

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