Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weather the storm!

This week was an interesting one! We had a lot of craziness going on and also a lot of miracles! So to start out St. Lucia is in what they call a "Water Shortage". Which kinda makes me laugh. I mean it's a tropical island! Ha so let's be real here! But anyway it has been raining like crazy! So we've just had to weather the storm! (I'll send a pic about how we did that!)
First miracle is with our girl Janais! She is killing it again! It was kinda funny because we had been trying to figure out what her concern with baptism was and so we went over and I asked her, "Janais, why don't you feel ready to get baptized?" and she said she was nervous and so Elder Beck asked her why and she paused for a little while and she said, "Well, I don't want a big crowd to be there!" Ha so it was funny because she is just so shy and it was totally a Janais answer!
About a week ago we found this cool 20 year old girl Heidi and her brother Matthew! They are sweet! We taught them the restoration and they understood really well and loved the fact that Christ's church is on the earth today! Elder Beck and Elder Brown went back to see them on tuesday, (I was on a tradeoff) and her friend Nicole was there and they taught her! Anyway the lesson went well and at the end they invited her to be baptized on the 25th of July and she was excited about it and asked to borrow their pen so she could write it down! She then was like, "What time is that going to be at? Just so I don't schedule anything over it! Ha so she is sweet! We are really excited about them
Sheena is also doing well! We are excited about her and we also found some other really cool people! 
I also had a good fathers day and I am so grateful for my father and for all that he did for me! He is a "real man" as Elder Christofferson would say! I love you Dad! Thank you for all you do! Have a great week everybody! I love you all!
With Love,
Elder Smith

"Though he will make some sacrifices and deny himself some pleasures in the course of honoring his commitments, the true man leads a rewarding life. He gives much, but he receives more, and he lives content in the approval of his Heavenly Father. The life of true manhood is the good life."
D Todd Christofferson

This is how we "lime" with the constant rain!:)

He liked the fish until he tore off a piece and the brain came out with it, then he couldn't eat the rest. Blach!!!!!:(

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  1. Hey Elder Randon, Thanks so much for making precious time to do a mission blog. It is wonderful to see your amazing happy spirit shine through the photos and the writing.