Monday, June 8, 2015

If the Shoe fits!

Things are going so great here in St. Lucia! I am loving it! We are having the time of our lives here and we are seeing a ton of success! One of the really sweet people we are meeting with is Janais! She is a ten year old grand daughter of a member and she has been coming to church for about a year and a half and just  hasn't gotten baptized! She is going to be getting baptized on the 20th though and she is really excited! Janais is really funny though! She is alot like Millie! It's crazy! Ha but we have some good limes with her and her Grandma Geneva! She thinks that Elder Beck and I are the funniest people on the planet! It is hilarious how she laughs at everything that we say! Sometimes they aren't even funny comments! But she really gives us a self esteem boost!
Also O'Brian got up in Sacrament meeting and told his conversion story in his testimony! He is doing well and it makes me really happy! I was really proud of him!
We are working with so many cool people and it is hard to write about them all! One of them is named Robert and he is sweet! He is 18 and is just really wanting to follow God as closely as he can. So he is really liking the Book of Mormon and the fact that this is the Lord's church! He would be a fantastic missionary though and so he is a very important investigator! He is a super funny guy too and has already introduced us to some of his friends!
I am just about out of time but things are going really well! We are seeing miracle after miracle and finding a lot of what I like to call "diligence testers". Those are people that Heavenly Father puts in our path that are really cool and they usually are found after a couple not as cool people. So we are really careful and like to make sure we talk to just one more person! :) I think that is the way life is as well! I have been looking back a lot at my life and wondered How many blessings have I missed because I didn't want to do just a little bit more. That has been hard... Ha I have missed a lot! But I know that as we just try a little harder to go a little bit farther we will see the blessings! The Lord wants to bless us but He is going to try us before. So keep going! Hang in and Hold on! And if the shoe fits, wear it! I love you guys! Have a great week!
With Love, 
Elder Smith
 Elder Smith and Elder Beck!
 French Fry Friday
 I Love this one!  Rooftop pictures!

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