Thursday, September 10, 2015

To Bados and back!

This week was sweet! I got to go to Barbados for a couple of days to have a Mission Leadership Conference! It was awesome going back there! IT was kinda weird because I didn't know anybody because they were all young missionaries! Ha so that was kinda crazy but it was fun to meet new people! I got to be really good friends with Elder Sackley and Elder Savard. They are both on the french side so I have never really met them! But let's just say we limed! It was sweet! They crack me up and we became pretty good friends! I have a story to tell but I will send it with the pics because it will make more sense then!
The Conference was cool though because Elder Cornish of the Seventy was there! He is incredible! He taught us and it was a great experience! Then yesterday he was at our branch for church and then we had our Zone conference! It was wonderful! He taught us about member missionary work and he gave us a lot of great new ideas! It was so cool to have him there and it was neat because I got to work with him and Pres. Herrington as a ZL to help conduct and direct it. It was neat. I loved hearing him bare testimony of such simple truths! It was so neat to just see the emphasis that he put on the basics. In question and answer session someone asked a crazy deep doctrine question and he just kinda smiled and told us how he finds questions like that kinda humorous. He then went on to tell us that right now he is really just trying to understand faith. And then after that he will move on to repentance and hopefully be able to grasp that. Then if he has time in this life he hopes to be able to understand baptism. And then he said that if he's really lucky, one day he will understand the gift of the holy ghost. It was a really eye opening experience! I know I have sometimes gotten carried away in deep stuff that really doesn't matter a ton right now! But the fact of the matter is, the gospel is so simple! WE just need to remember that! Focus on the Savior and his Atonement and it will all work out! I know that. He loves us and He will take care of us. Don't worry so much about where heaven is or what color of skin the Savior has. (That's a common Carribean concern.) Ha but just remember that when questions arise don't make it more complicated then it needs to be. Simplify the gospel and live it. It will work. I love you all! Have a great week!
With Love,
Elder Smith

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