Sunday, August 10, 2014


Well this week has been really good. It was weird saying goodbye to Elder Bechan this week. I miss that guy a lot. Elder Bechan helped me to really truly love being a missionary. He was such a great influence on me and my mission and I am so glad that I was able to serve with him. 
Elder Barlow is really just excited to share the gospel so that is always nice to have in a trainee. It is kinda weird going from someone really experienced like Elder Bechan to training but things will work out! I am really excited for this transfer.
Our boy K'lil is doing great! He is now starting to share the gospel with his family and friends. He has no fear and I love it! Get this, He set up an appointment for us to meet with his mom. He set it up! Ha nobody does that! I am so proud of that kid! He is doing great and is now preparing to go on a mission in about 5 years!
The Phagu's are doing well! We went over on Monday to have a birthday party for their daughter Mikayla and that was real fun. Me and Elder Bechan got her a Cookies and Cream Chocolate bar for a gift so we're basically the favorites! Ha but it was just great! They are becoming my family here in Barbados and I am just loving it! They are sweet!
But yeah that's really about it for this week. We have just been working hard and going at it! We should have more to talk about next week. Hopefully! 
So this week a scripture that has just got me pumped is found in DC 58:31. I love this scripture! It talks about the Lord's promises and it just got me thinking about how so many people blame the Lord for things and they miss out on blessings because they aren't reading scriptures or going to church or just doing the little things. The Lord is always going to give us what we TRULY desire. If you want peace in this life then do what you need to do in order to get it. Like those little things we talked about before. I know that the Lord's promises are always fulfilled. I have seen that this last little bit. I know it. I love you guys! Trust in Him and He will always come through!
Elder Smith

"Who am I, saith the Lord, that have promised and have not fulfilled?"
DC 58:31

 Roti with Sis. Alleyne

 Mikayla's Party
Elder Beck made a year mark planner cover and was rubbing it in because I go home later now. Ha love that guy!

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