Monday, August 4, 2014

The Phone Call

So this week I got a phone call from St. Lucia. Which is weird because
we rarely receive calls from off island. But anyway it was Elder Day
and he called and told me that Granny passed away. I was shocked and
obviously pretty sad. She just passed away peacefully is what I
understand so she is definitely in a better place. I sure do love that
lady though.
The rest of my week was really good though. We started teaching a lady
named Shirley and she has been through so many difficult things. I
couldn't even begin to imagine how hard that must have been. But yeah
she is 58 and she just had a stroke a couple months ago and is still
recovering from it. But she was really receptive and wants to be
baptized on august 24th or something like that. But it was just really
neat to see how humble she was and so I am excited about her!
K'Lil is getting baptized on sunday and so we are really excited about
that! We just have to teach him some more things and then we should be
golden! I am pumped! He is a cool kid!
So on saturday we met the Phagu's at the Horse races where they have a
food stand thing. It was way cool! They gave us free food and I got to
try, wait for it, wait for iiiiiiiiiiiiiit! Pig Tail! It was super
weird but what can you do! Ha it was way fun though! They are a sweet
family! Man I love it here! The members are so great!
I love this work! Jeepers I feel so blessed to be a part of it! The
Lord is always there! I know that as we share the gospel that we will
be able to see his hand in our lives even more. I have loved seeing
that on my mission! Share it with everyone and then the blessings will
flow! I love you guys!
Elder Smith

 Smith and Beck

 Bechan, Beck, and Smith
 Elder Smith and Elder Beck

Elder Smith and Elder Beck

We went to a cave for P-day!

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