Monday, August 4, 2014

Transfer Calls

So this week is the end of the Transfer! It's crazy! It has gone by so
fast! So on saturday morning I got a call from President Mehr and I
found out that I was going to be Training a new missionary! His name
is Elder Barlow and I believe he is from California! So I am really
excited for this! I am going to miss Elder Bechan a lot and have grown
much but I am excited for this new opportunity! I also wonder if Elder
Barlow is like related to Jesse... It makes me wonder because it
always seemed like Jesse was related to lots of people! Ha but I am
real excited! I love it here in the Bados and since I am training it
means I should be here at least 3 more months!
So K'Lil did get baptized! It was sweet Brother Phagu was the one that
baptized him and it just went really well! I am excited for him
because he is already kinda setting his sights on a mission and he is
really looking forward to it! He is only 13 so he will have plenty of
time to prepare!
I also had a really cool experience with our Branch Mission Leader,
Brother Mayers. He is like in his 50's but is super fit and just has a
ton of energy. He kinda reminds me of Coach Funk a little bit. But
anyway we went to talk to him one night and he started asking us
questions on how to give blessings and stuff and we found out that he
hadn't ever given one before. So we decided that I would to have one
and so we asked him to give me one. He got so excited and he was just
beaming! And so I got the be his first Blessing! It was such a
spiritual experience because the spirit really guided that blessing! I
know it! He said things that really helped me! It was so neat! Then
Elder Bechan asked him for one and that was great! Then after that he
was like now I need one! Then I got to give him one! It was such a
spiritual experience as we almost went around in a circle! It was
So I have to put this in here because it explains Bro. Phagu so well!
Last night we were at the church for a meeting and a member named
Michael was supposed to bring something of Elder Bechan's but he
forgot it! So we called Bro. Phagu over and you could tell that he
really wanted to leave and take us to go get it but he was hesitant
becuase he didn't know what his wife would think... Ha so after
talking about it for a little while he finally goes, "Alright, I can
have you there and back in 5 minutes." Ha so we hop in his van and he
is just hauling and we made it to Michael's house, got the thing, and
back to the church in about 5 minutes! Ha it took me back to my high
school days! But we pulled into the parking lot and Bro. Phagu parks
in the same spot and says "I parked in the same spot so it's like I
never left. Melissa will never know!" Ha he is a funny man!
But anyway I love it here! All is well! The church is so true! We just
have to live it and then we will see the blessings! I know it! Always
live worthy of them! I love you!
Elder Smith


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