Monday, August 11, 2014

One Week More

Man what a week! Training is good but also weird. I like it and am
growing a lot but it can be kinda stressful! One thing I really like
about Elder Barlow is that he really wants to be a good missionary! It
makes my life a lot easier because I don't have to like try and force
him to do things. He has a great desire and so we're going to keep
trying to work on the knowledge and that desire is really going to pay
off! I am excited to see that!
We had a good week and have been really focused on getting people
ready for baptism and setting dates with them. And if they aren't
willing really to work on that then we are kinda just moving on. One
thing I have really noticed is that if people don't really have that
desire to change than we cannot do a thing for them. That's hard to
accept sometimes. Because I have obviously seen how the Gospel can
change people. The word "can" is a big word though. If they aren't
going to be willing to change and aren't willing to let it happen then
it isn't going to.
We have been teaching a girl named Shondelle and she is sweet! She is
about thirty and has an adorable 1 year old kid! He reminds me of
Korver when he was younger. But anyway it was really neat as we taught
her the restoration to be able to almost see her light up! What D&C
says is so true, there are so many people who are kept from the truth,
only because they know not where to find it! I have seen that! The
Gospel fills holes in peoples and families lives! It is a key and
people need it! So we are excited for Shondelle to prepare for her
date on Sept. 7.
We are also teaching a guy named Adrian. He is a boss! He has had a
really rough past but the desire he has is so great! I am excited for
him! I love it here in Barbados and I expect a lot of great things
So going back to what I was talking about earlier something that Bro.
Mayers said really hit me. He said, "This church shows you how good
you can be." Now i've been pondering on that and it is so true. As you
live gospel standards you will be able to reach that full potential
that your Heavenly Father has for you. So follow your Savior and you
will be able to see "How good you can be." I love you guys! The church
is true and our Heavenly Father loves us!
Elder Smith
Me and Elder Barlow after planning!

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