Tuesday, September 2, 2014

That's What I'm Saying!

What a week! We had some sweet experiences and it was just a really
good week! We got a lot of people to church and It was sweet!
We are teaching a lady named Victoria and she is super solid. The only
thing is she moves to England in a couple weeks! So it would be
basically pointless to baptize her right before she goes to England.
She came to church yesterday and then called us later that night to
tell us thank you for inviting her. It was sweet! She loved church and
said she is coming again next week!
Now I told you that story so that I could tell you this one! We are
teaching Victoria's neighbor Natasha who is also really solid. We
struggled to get her really progressing but she came to church
yesterday as well and seemed to enjoy it. She has now really started
into reading the Book of Mormon and is starting to find the answer
that she is looking for! It is sweet!
Shondelle is really struggling and it looks like we are going to have
to drop her so that is obviously a bummer but you can't win them all!
Adrian didn't come to church yesterday because he didn't get a
haircut. I was so upset! Now you all know how important my hair is to
me but a haircut has never kept me from going to church. So that was
obviously tough but at least he is reading and doing well with that!
Something that Pres and Sister Mehr have been telling us about is how
we should not baptize somebody if they are not reading the Book of
Mormon. They said that coming to church is good but being converted to
the church is not going to be good enough when a hard time comes or
maybe they get offended so they end up leaving. The Book of Mormon is
where the true testimony comes from. So that is the most important
thing is to make sure they know that it is true.
Something that happened recently that really made me think of this was
with a member Sis. Lovell. She was a solid member for years and then
something happened she got kind of offended. She stopped going to
church and so one day me and Elder Bechan had a talk with her. We
talked about how when we go away from the Church we need to remember
who we are really hurting. We're not really hurting those that
offended us but we are hurting ourselves and stopping OUR eternal
progression. It took a couple months but now Sister Lovell is back at
church and said that our talk really stood out to her. So that was
really cool!
I have really just grown to love the Book of Mormon. It is so powerful
and I love how everything else really does rely on the truthfulness of
that! If we want to be truly converted than it is key! Read it! I love
you all!
Elder Smith
Beach Day! I love this shirt as well and have big plans to rock it when I get home! :)

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