Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rainy Days

Wow what a week! So this week we didn't have a car and our apartment
is not in our area so that leads to an awful lot of walking. Then it
decided to rain a ton this week! Ha it was crazy! I got so soaked! In
Barbados when it rains it pours! Holy smokes it was crazy! So lets
just say that I was thinking of Bro. Burts speech a ton this week!
We had a pretty good week this week none the less! We also got
transfer calls and I am staying with Elder Barlow for another one! I
am so excited because we have met some sweet people lately! Oh also
Elder Zivic of the seventy is coming to the Bados for a zone
conference next monday! So I won't email until tuesday but it is going
to be so cool!
We had a service project over at Sis. Lovells and guess what! Not only
did she come but her 18 year old son Matthew came as well! He hasn't
been in a while and he was just telling us that he got up on sunday
and told his mom "I'm coming to church with you today!" Sis. Lovell
was like, "For true?" Ha so as he was telling this story to me I just
said, "That's what I'm saying!" I was so pumped! Ha it was great! I am
so excited because we are going to really see if we can get Matthew on
a mission! That would be so cool!
Another really cool thing that happened was on the way to the service
project we were almost to Sis. Lovells and we had been walking for
like an hour and we walk past this house and I hear this little girl
go, "Mom, look! it's Jesus!" Now I'm not claiming to be that but it
was just adorable and it made me realize who we represent. As member's
of His church we should always represent him! Do we? It just got me
thinking a little bit! I love you all! Make yourselves a great week!
Elder Smith
This is me and Jamal. He is from St. Lucia and is going to georgia on his mish. He had to come here to get his visa so I got to see him!

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