Monday, February 2, 2015

Dan/Don got baptized!

We had a pretty good week this week and we were able to see a lot of miracles. We were able to baptize Matthew Charles brother, Dan and he is amazing! So first off we were told that his name was Don, so that's we called him. That's what everyone called him! Even Matthew! (Crazy Caribbean accent) But then we get to the baptism on saturday and then they tell us that his name is actually Dan. So yeah, that was weird. But anyway the sisters were teaching him and passed him off to us and had told him he could get baptized this week and so it was now our job to get it done. So we went to meet with him and realized he was super prepared but he hadn't been taught much. So over the next couple of days we taught him just about everything. It was so cool to see the spirit work on him as we taught him a ton and he was able to take it all in! We also got to be there when he prayed to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet. That was so neat! The spirit was so strong! The baptism was neat because Matthew baptized him. He was just so prepared! We were able to take him teaching yesterday and he is fantastic and really converted! He is like a quiet version of Matthew! He will make a great missionary someday!
The Members are doing great! They are super supportive and yesterday, President Stewart challenged everyone to give us at least one referral. The members are really catching the Missionary spirit! We are excited!
So yesterday was area conference for the whole Caribbean and we got to hear from President Packer, along with Elder Holland and some others. It was so neat! My favorite part was seeing how in tune they were with what the people need here! Now I don't know when the last time Uncle Boyd came to the Caribbean was but it was really cool to see that through the spirit he was able to deliver a message that was perfect for the needs here! It was also just great to see him. He looks like he is slowing down a little which is sad but it was still great to hear him give a powerful witness of Christ. It's always my favorite part of his talks.
Well I don't have much time but something I have been thinking about a lot is how incredible it is that we have Prophets and Apostles. Men who are called of God to guide us! I sometimes wonder if we sometimes don't fully grasp that! As we told people about the area conference I went around asking people, "Have you heard of Peter, James and John? Well on Sunday you can hear from people just like them!" That is tremendous! I hope we all realize how great that is! I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet and that ever since that time we have had someone on the earth with the keys to guide that church here. But the beauty of it all is that I know that just as in times of old Jesus Christ is at the head of His church. I love you! Please follow the Prophet!
With Love,
Elder Smith

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