Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Independence Week!

Normally you have Independence Day as a holiday to celebrate your Independence! But here I think they legitimately have Independence week! It was just partying like crazy the entire week! It was crazy! But anyway this week we had a really good week!
So we were able to work with Dan this week and we are now teaching his boxing training partner, Shenard! He is a boss! He is going to be baptized on the 7th of March! He has such amazing desires and it is so great to teach him! Dan is doing great as well! One of my favorite parts of this week was when he told us that the main reason he got baptized was because of his older brother Matthew. He talked about how he saw a change in him and that he wanted to follow his example. It was so cool to hear that! Now it's really neat to see Shenard want to follow Dan's example. It is incredible!
We are also meeting and working a lot with Janice (Our Less Active) and guess what, she referred us to her friend, Sharon! How about that! One Grandma referring us to the other. But anyway I just thought that was funny! We have met alot of cool people by working with Janice! We just need to get her activated again since she could be just as powerful as Dan and Matthew!
I must say though that the most heart warming moment of my entire week came from some med students, the Deangelo's. (I hope that was spelled right) But anyway we were talking with Sister Deangelo one night and she asked us how much we get fed and if we needed food and we were like, "No we're doing alright." She then told us that if we ever needed any then we needed to let her know. So we said we would and thanked her and that was it. Then a couple days later we ran into Brother Deangelo and he was like, "My wife wants to feed you guys once a week. Even if we just drop it off at your apartment she wants to do it once a week." We were speechless and didn't know what to say! He told us to pick a day and that they would do it. So we chose tuesday and so last tuesday night at 9 o'clock at night right before we were going to head in the Deangelo's pulled up and gave us dinner. Now keep in mind that they also have a daughter who is only a couple of months old. They gave us the food and I was almost in tears because they cared enough to give their time to serve us. I was so humbled. But people like the Deangelos are the salt of the earth. And thankfully I have lots of them in my life. But I just wanted to share that with you. It touched me alot. And always remember that you never know how much the smallest act of kindness will effect those people. I love you all! Continue to love and serve and the Lord will bless you! Don't let the salt lose it's savor!
With Love,
Elder Smith

"The Lord hears their cries and feels your deep compassion for them, He has from the beginning of time provided ways for His disciples to help. He has invited His children to consecrate their time, their means, and themselves to join with Him in serving others."
Henry B Eyring

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