Monday, February 23, 2015

Wrong Roads


This week was an interesting one and we learned a lot! It was a good week though!
We are teaching a super cool kid named CL! He is a members 9 year old son who is brilliant and he is getting baptized this Wednesday! So we are really excited about that! He is doing great!
We also have been getting fed by a lot of members lately and it has been so neat! These people are the salt of the earth! I have been so blessed just to get to know them!
So here is the learning experience. We had been focusing a lot of effort in finding in an area this transfer that hasn't led to much and we had some rough days there this week. We had found there on tuesday and we were able to meet some people and set up appointments for the next day. So we took Matthew Charles to teach with us on tuesday because he is a fantastic member missionary and we were teaching some people close to his age. So we thought it would be good! So we go to teach this guy in his 50's who was pretty cool the day before and we show up and he is so drunk! I mean he couldn't walk or speak! It was nuts! So we were just like, "We'll come back a next day." Then we go to see some other people and nothing! So I was just like, "You've got to be kidding me!" And so we decided to go to another area  and try there and immediately found success. So the Lord certainly spoke on that one! 
I am excited to continue to just work hard this week! I don't have much more to share this week but the Lord knows us and knows what we need! I know that He always puts us where we need to be! I love the Lord. I am going to do my best to help others find that peace that I have found! I love you all! Have a great week!
With Love, 
Elder Smith

"Sometimes in response to prayers, the Lord may guide us down what seems to be the wrong road—or at least a road we don’t understand—so, in due time, He can get us firmly and without question on the right road. Of course, He would never lead us down a path of sin, but He might lead us down a road of valuable experience. Sometimes in our journey through life we can get from point A to point C only by taking a short side road to point B. We had prayed that we could make it safely home that day, and we did."
Matthew Holland

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