Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I'm not sure how I forgot to post this one, but sorry!  Silly mom!  This is from 7/22/15

So this week was a really good one and we were able to see some success! We also were able to have a good lime for carnival! It was fun! So let me tell you a little bit about carnival! So in ST. Lucia each year they have this Celebration and they dress up in things that aren't appropriate and party for a couple of days... So in other words we can't be out. So we all get together and we lime! (Hang out) And so that's what we did! We had movie nights (approved movies of course), domino and phase 10 tourneys, Elder Tupou's birthday party and lots of snacks! So it was a lot of fun and some good bonding! 
We had a good week of missionary work though! We are working with a girl named Yuandia and she is really starting to like the Book of Mormon and is doing great! We are excited about that!
We also met a guy named Shalan and when we met him he was just there, (possibly high)... But when we went back he was really cool! WE have taught him about 3 times now and he is reading and doing really well! That just proves that you never know who the Lord is preparing!
Odellia is still doing great! She loves the gospel and she loves the Lord! It has been really cool to see how so many of her questions have been answered by restored truth! It's amazing! One of the coolest things though is how she describes taking the sacrament and her experience with that. Now keep in mind that this is just an eighteen year old but I remember when we went by her the day after she came to church for the first time and we asked her how she felt when she took the sacrament. She told us about how she felt a huge burden lifted off her shoulders and how she felt the spirit so strong. She doesn't even have covenants to renew yet and it still is a super spiritual experience for her! The coolest part though is that when we went by last week and asked about the sacrament and she still had the same feelings! She said it is a jump start to her week! She loves it! Odellia is super prepared and is really excited for her baptism on the first!
This experience really got me thinking though. If I had a dollar for every time I just went through the motions as I took the sacrament I would be very rich. I have missed out on so many spiritual opportunities! So many sanctifying experiences simply because I forgot how important it was and it wasn't wonderful to me anymore. I have changed that now and if you want a boost I want to challenge you to as well! I know that as we take the sacrament and we prepare for it we can have our burdens lifted off and we can receive a "Jump start to our week". I love you all! Have a great week!
With Love,
Elder Smith

"Prepare to have a spiritual experience when partaking of the sacrament.  Focus needs to begin a long time before we walk into the building and before the Priests start preparing the sacrament.  Remember it is an ordinance, a very personal ordinance, the only one that we repeat for ourselves."
Jeffrey R Holland

Here are some pics of the carnival lime since we were stuck in for a couple of days and also some pics after a teaching appointment with Odellia. She is the one in the white and Brittany is in pink and Silas is the Lucian in the Shirt and tie!

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