Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Oh Danny Boi!

So this week was a pretty crazy week! On thursday we got a call from the senior couple and Elder Horne told us to be ready because tropical storm Danny was heading our way. So we were like "Holy cow! This is crazy!" And the lucians were obviously the same way! So we are just bracing for the worst! Then later on in the day it was pouring! It was nuts! So we're thinking how this thing is for real! That storm will come into play later on. But anyway friday was nice weather, saturday was the same, and sunday was burning hot! So we are still waiting on Danny right now! But I don't think it will be coming because it is burning hot right now!
This week was good though! Even though we had so many appointments fall through! It was unreal! So we were just finding the entire week! But we got out and worked and we found some cool people! One of them was Eve. She is a Lucian but she has been in New York for 8 years and just moved back last month. But we were just walking down this crazy steep hill and we had a lot of doors slammed in our face but then Elder Dixon wanted to keep heading down! So we went down this road and talked to a lady who was pretty cool and was fairly interested. Then we start walking down the road some more and I see Eve making a run for her door! So I used the Elder Smith waving trick. What that is, is you wave super obnoxiously and say hello loud so the people can''t possibly act like they didn't see or hear you! So Eve is opening her door to go inside and I do the trick. She starts laughing and waves back and comes and talks to us. Turns out she thought we were salesman and just didn't want to talk to us. We joked with her quite a bit about how she was running from us but we found out that she recently stopped going to church because she just didn't feel lke her church was giving her the whole truth. She was really interested in the book of Mormon and also the restoration. She felt like it answered a lot of questions! It's amazing how the Lord works sometimes! We are really excited to work with her because she is super smart and really searching with real intent! But after this lesson is when it started pouring and so we took cover for a little bit but then decided we just needed to go for it! "Rainy Days!" Right? So we got so soaked as we ran up this hill back to our car! It was crazy but it was a super cool experience! 
Well elder Dixon is still killing me in the workouts! I have now vowed to eat healthier so I don't die everytime! Ha he is a great missionary and we have a ton of fun! He is growing a lot as well! 
Well fam things are going well here! We are going to keep finding, teaching and baptizing! I hope all is well back home! I love you guys!
With Love,
Elder Smith 

1 Goodbye picture with Odellia. Just in case I get transferred before she gets back from her trip!
2. Me and Colby Smith and his parents. They came to pick him up and came to visit our district meeting! I sure do love that guy!
3-6 I stepped on something funny and it ripped my already struggling shoes up. Mom i do not need another pair! I repeat: I do not need another pair. They are super glued beautifully! :)
7=8 Ocean
9 Me and Angie at her shop!
10-11 P day eve!

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